Puzzlebot: a revolution in robotics

There is one area of technological progress that time and time again has proven to capture the world’s imagination: ROBOTICS.

With PuzzleBot, Manchester Robotics has a mission to globalise access to learning and development tools for robotics. PuzzleBot is ‘a lab in a robot’ for education and prototyping.

The ‘brain’ of PuzzleBot is the Hacker Board. The board acts as a robust computational node for Starter Kit components (e.g. motors, sensors) and a communication interface to external computers (laptops, phones, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi). 

Unlike other products, Hacker Board has sufficient processing capacity to handle multiple advanced add-on components (e.g. different actuators and sensors such as sonar, LiDAR, camera, and reflectance sensors). This allows customers to use a consistent platform for their entire robotics learning journey – from starter kit tutorials all the way to professional prototyping.

It is designed using off-the-shelf components with the aim of achieving the lowest possible price point at high-volume production. Proficient users who wish to design and build their own hardware from scratch can purchase Hacker Board as a stand-alone Development Board. You also have the option to purchase PuzzleBot Hacker Edition which contains all the essential components needed to quickly access meaningful robotics capabilities (i.e. a programmable, roaming robot) and provides a user-friendly platform for incorporating a wide range of advanced add-on feature-sets.

PuzzleBot can be easily assembled and disassembled for convenient training and knowledge assessment.
Different configurations of PuzzleBot. PuzzleBot Hacker Edition with Sonar is on the left and PuzzleBot Hacker Edition with Encoders is on the right.

Hacker Board

PuzzleBot Hacker Edition

PuzzleBot Jetson Edition

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