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Proposed Specialisation in Intelligent Mobile Robots by NVIDIA, The University of Manchester, Coursera, and Manchester Robotics Limited


Topic 1: Python simulator for mobile robots
Topic 2: PuzzleBot, a configurable robotic platform
Topic 3: Reactive navigation
Topic 4: Point-to-point navigation with obstacle avoidance
Topic 5: Map-based localization

Topic 1: PuzzleBot Jetson Edition, a configurable robotic platform equipped with NVIDIA Jetson NANO for robot vision and intelligent robot navigation
Topic 2: Introduction to robot vision
Topic 3: Computer vision using deep learning – part 1        
Topic 4: Computer vision using deep learning – part 2                    
Topic 5: Intelligent mobile robots
Topic 6: Final project: Intelligent navigation and exploration using PuzzleBot Jetson Edition

Industry 4.0 is moving quickly towards the automation of roles across industries.   As a result, the workforce will need to be retrained with the skills that enable them to enter jobs that will emerge as a result. We aim to develop a selection of educational materials focused on upskilling and reskilling the labour market using our robotics control platform, “PuzzleBot”.

NVIDIA offers online training courses specialising in training for technical industries, with a dedicated focus on robotics. Their courses are direct and use the language and technical terms that you are used to.

Manchester isn’t just where Puzzlebot was created, it is also home to one of the world’s top universities. We have proudly partnered with The University of Manchester to advance education, knowledge and wisdom for the good of society.

Coursera is an international training provider that collaborates with more than 200 leading universities and companies. They offer a wide range of courses with an easy to use online platform.

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