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Learn, create, innovate

There is one area of technological progress that time and time again has proven to capture the world’s imagination: robotics. For many people, a career in robotics may seem imposing, but we’re dedicated to changing that perception.

We believe that learning robotics doesn’t need to be difficult, so we’ve partnered with top online learning providers to help you learn basic and advanced robotics principles, when and where it suits your schedule.


What makes us different

Versatile Feature-set

Our circuit board and software are designed to be versatile to accommodate add-on components.

Advanced Capability

The circuit board is designed around a powerful, WIFI-enabled microprocessor chip.

Accessible Price Point

We design with the intent of manufacturing at high volume to keep unit costs low.

PuzzleBot in action

PuzzleBot is an online community of learners and thinkers. Join with them to explore ideas, understand robotics concepts and share your successes and discoveries.

We have many instructional videos that will show you what you can do with a PuzzleBot unit.

Manchester Robotics (MCR2) is a spinout company from the University of Manchester, incorporated on 6 July 2020. Our mission is to democratize access to skills in Robotics and Automation that will drive future economic growth.  Primary and secondary sectors of the global economy are rapidly adopting robotics, 50% of manufacturing operators are planning to work with robots by 2030. Education systems need to respond and adapt to the demand for robotics-related STEM skills.

The flagship product is PuzzleBot, a “lab in a robot”, that is a tool for independent learning and vocational training, a versatile, integrated, and dedicated development board for robotics. Prototypes have been deployed and tested over the past 5 years in teaching programs at the University of Manchester and shipped to distance learners across 10 countries during the covid-19 pandemic.


Drop us a message to find out about purchasing PuzzleBot for your students, programme or yourself.